Nefelus makes it easy for both users and teams to organize files, tool runs and budgets using many available collaboration features.

 Multi-tenant role and privilege-based authorization and access, project and resource management, accounting and reporting with real-time ERP system are all included.

 Teams can work together by sharing files, accessing common resources, exchanging support notes, sharing tool screens, and monitoring tool run status and resource consumption.

 Nefelus provides a full featured Web based File management system supporting traditional file systems, cloud based storage systems and file repositories.

Privilege-based user access

  • User authentication and resource access
  • Group-based tool and resource access
  • 24/7 tool session re-entry

Real-time monitoring

  • Real-time run status
  • Monitor teams, tools, users, projects
  • Multiple active user sessions
  • Automatic email notifications

Web-based file management

  • Supporting traditional file systems
  • Cloud based storage systems and file repositories
  • Upload/Download big files
  • Data encryption and secure transfers

Support tickets and notes

  • Per user / team / project / tool
  • Automatic notifications
  • In context status and submission

Real-time collaboration

  • Session sharing
  • Immediate multiple session switch