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Nefelus Enterprise

Nefelus Enterprise manages deployment of hardware and software resources on design teams and projects

Nefelus Enterprise offers great optimization of hardware and software resources. To handle peak loads, Nefelus Enterprise may turn your public cloud to a hybrid cloud by providing on-demand additional resources from a remote corporate location or a public cloud, offering the required elasticity.

Nefelus Enterprise integrated ERP system allows your organization to manage projects and teams efficiently, improve resource allocation, keep detailed and accurate accounting of consumed resources and provide statistical reports.

Nefelus Enterprise is designed to run behind your organization’s firewall. Your IP is protected with industry-standard authentication mechanisms and administrative controls for internal developers and external contractors.

Encourage collaboration across your organization. With Nefelus Enterprise, team members work effectively together whether they are in the same office or on a remote location.

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Our expertise

Our expertise spans a broad range of systems and technologies, and we can offer professional services in the following areas

Enterprise IT Infrastructure

We have proven experience in the orchestration of complex computer systems, middleware, services and tools to deliver a defined service. We have worked extensively on big data management, big data transfers, connecting and automating workflows in various technical and business domains.

Algorithmic Multi-Processing

We have great expertise in the fields of scheduling, synchronization and rapid data transfer in a distributed multi-processing environment.

Cloud Computing

We have been using and experimenting with Amazon cloud and various open cloud stacks for quite long time. We can help you setup and manage a private cloud to fulfill your corporate needs. Handle high workloads by utilizing public or remote corporate clouds. Replicate your data to Off Site storage locations. We can orchestrate various cloud services to help you deliver scalable applications and services.

Nodejs Platform

We had great fun using Node.js to implement the back-end of Nefelus platform as well as some front-end applications. Node.js asynchronous, event driven architecture, offers fast development, huge flexibility, great performance and superb scalability.

Web Technologies

We enjoy developing for the web and working with cutting-edge web technologies, such as HTML5/CSS3, AJAX/JSON, XML, XSLT and RESTful web services.