Nefelus pricing model aims at offering to a business community where users, vendors and Nefelus are all winners!

Nefelus offers a wide variety of hardware configurations which ensure good performance for any tool and the user may obtain the best value for money. The prices below assume a baseline hardware configuration. The per hour charge is based on the elapsed time of the tool execution running on an exclusive physical/Virtual machine.

Tool Description Category Vendor $ / Hour
SymSpice Spice Simulation Spice Simulation Symica $94
SymProbe Waveform Viewer Spice Simulation Symica $45
PowerDRC DRC Physical Verification POLYTEDA $300
PowerLVS LVS Physical Verification POLYTEDA $300
PowerRDE DRC/LVS Workbench Physical Verification POLYTEDA $300 *
Parallax-STA Static Timing Analysis Timing Analysis Parallax $64
PowerMG Memory Compiler IP Generator GeneSYS $200 **

 * PowerRDE price also covers PowerDRC and PowerLVS.

** PowerMG pricing has discount built-in based on the number of user sessions performed. Detailed table is presented before submitting a tool run in the Nefelus service.

The prices are adjusted depending on the hardware configuration chosen and the number of threads selected to take advantage of the tool intrinsic multi-processing. A detailed price table is presented when selecting tool and hardware configuration while using Nefelus service.

File storage both for file management and execution space is included in the Linux Machine price that ranges from $0.50 to $5 per hour.

Prices are subject to change without notice.