IC design on the cloud

New way to run all your familiar design tools

Anywhere. Anytime.

Plethora of tools

Run your favorite design tools

  Timing Analysis, RC Extraction


 SPICE, Waveform Viewers

 Choose a design tool

 Choose hardware configuration

 Manage data

 Monitor progress and output

Nefelus process

 Pay per time used on a tool session

 Buy tokens with your credit card

 Promotions and other time-based models available


What is Nefelus

Nefelus is an IT Platform built on existing Cloud infrastructure technologies to make the IC design process Distributed and Global.

Design IT Platform

IC designers can choose to run pre-installed design tools from different vendors. The hardware is expedited on the cloud in real-time by Nefelus. Native look-and-feel of the tools is preserved on your browser.

Big Data Processor

Multi-CPU machines with large physical memory and sufficient disk space are available at your fingertips to run high capacity designs through complex tools like Timing Analysis, SPICE, DRC/LVS.

ERP System

Real time resource usage, project management, resource allocation and budget control is easily maintained through the use of the integrated ERP system. Detailed analytics and statistical reports provide valuable aid in project planning.

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Why Nefelus

Familiar tools in your favorite web browser

Nefelus takes chip design and implementation away from the traditional model and moves it to the cloud

Secure access to the tools you need, when you need them

Nefelus provides all the required infrastructure under-the-hood to run tools securely on any hardware configuration, 24/7

Respect your budget at all times

You pay as you use the tools and as your chip design progresses

Alternative to your software and hardware capital expenditures

You deploy high capacity hardware resources any time as you need them at a fraction of their purchase price

Who can use Nefelus

IC designers
to run designs tools, any time, from anywhere

Tool Vendors
to make their tools available

to run their CAD labs on line.

to collaborate with their customers online

Nefelus for IC designers

Be on plan and on budget with Nefelus resource allocation, metering and accounting

Unleash your creativity

Focus your knowledge and creativity on design while Nefelus provides easy access to Design Tools, Compute Resources, Team Collaboration and Project Management.

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Reduce costs

There is no start-up cost for a design project in terms of buying design software tools, hardware resources and IT management. Availability of on-demand cloud computing resources for high capacity designs at a fraction of a purchase price.

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Vendor support

Fast turn-around on tool support from the vendors of Nefelus Marketplace following the fast culture of the web applications.

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One-stop solution

You will have a one stop-shop to use design tools maintained by different vendors competing on both quality and cost.

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Where do I go from here?

After a registration process to get login credentials, login and let the intuitive layout guide you to the right page.
Overall there are 4 basic steps: manage files, choose hardware and tool, monitor tool session, save/browse output.

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Nefelus for Vendors

Help your tools reach global markets fast resulting in fast maturity cycles and early revenues.

No deployment costs

Zero deployment cost to post your tools on Nefelus. Any tool that runs on traditional hardware setting can run on Nefelus with the same look-and-feel.

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Improve your products

End customers can have tool trials using their own data on Nefelus storage, which makes it easier to test your new products. Easier feedback online results in tool improvements as well.

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Expand your customer base

Benefit from IC designers and organizations that use Nefelus and expand your client base fast in all directions.

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Be part of the new Web Ecosystem

Tool aggregation attracts many users and vendors resulting in a healty industry-wide ecosystem where companies compete on Performance, Quality, Price & Availability.

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Where do I go from here?

Contact Nefelus to guide you through the process of signing a Contract and send us a copy of your tools to be installed on Nefelus Platform

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